Shipping & Returns

( Swiss Clone Watch Store Shipments that are Lost or Stolen.

In the unlikely event that your package is lost or stolen, we ( will investigate, and if the watch cannot be recovered, we will discount your next order, or depending on the cost, re-send the watch to you.  We regret to inform you that if the postal service delivers the watch to the WRONG address, or you have moved or changed your address without notifying us, there is nothing we can do to recover your watch.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you remain calm during the shipment of your order.  If the package is held up anywhere for a few days, PLEASE do not panic and start sending threatening emails.  If your package is lost, we won’t be able to file a loss claim with the shipping until after 30 days, so seeing your package held up at some point in the shipping process shouldn’t cause you to immediately panic.

The package will only be re-sent when we have determined to a satisfactory degree that your original package has in fact been lost.  If we re-send a package, and then both packages end up arriving to you, we will be forced to bill you for both packages, so it is best to wait, and be certain first that your package is actually lost and not delayed, before taking action.

Swiss Clone Watch what is your Return Policy?

Simply stated:  Returns are only accepted in the case of defective or broken items.  With that being said, if your watch has a problem, we will gladly REPAIR it EXCHANGE it for the same exact model.  All watches are tested prior to shipping.  We regret that we cannot accept returns from customers who “changed their mind”, so please be aware that once you receive the watch, the sale is final.  Under no circumstances will we be able to issue refunds to customers whose watches have already shipped.

Please be aware that when you make the commitment to buy a hand made watch from us, we put effort into preparing and carefully shipping your watch.  We will be unable to accept returns for a refund under any circumstances.  If there is a problem with your watch, you may exchange it (for the SAME model), or we will repair it for you at no cost.

If you need to send your watch in for repair, you MUST send it back to the address that we provide, and you MUST use EMS Express Mail to send the watch.  We are not responsible for lost watches that were shipped using any other method.  You will receive special return instructions from us via email, follow these steps carefully to ensure that you package reaches us and avoids customs problems.

Upon receiving your watch, we will repair it or send out a new one.  If your watch experiences a mechanical failure we will repair or exchange it.  Any product that was purchased at ‘sale’ price or for a price lower than retail is not eligible for return under ANY circumstances.  Please be very sure you know what you are buying before sending payment.

Swiss Clone Watch what if my watch stops working?

If your watch stops working simply return it to us and we will either repair it or exchange it for a brand new one (same model).  Please note that this exchange does not apply to watches that have suffered physical damage caused by the customer, and that we will not refund any return shipping costs UNLESS you received the wrong model.  Physical damage may be repaired, but it will be 100% at the expense of the customer.

Please note that you take full responsibility for safely shipping the watch back to us.  You are responsible for shipping charges one-way, and we will pay shipping charges back to you and the repair cost.  No exceptions.  The cost of shipping a watch back to us for repair is very little compared to what it would cost you to have your watch repaired at a jewelry store in Europe or North America.  If you choose to ship your watch using an unreliable method such as general airmail, which has no tracking number available, you are 100% liable for anything that happens to the watch during transit, including the package being lost, stolen or taken by customs.  Regardless of how much it costs to send it back to us, you are responsible for the cost of getting your watch back to us.

Online Replica Watch Store Tell Me About Your Prices.

Our ( prices are not negotiable.  We will not price match other sites because:

(1.)  We ( do not know if the other site is a scam.

(2.)  Despite the fact that other sites may use attractive pictures, or even the same pictures as our site, we have no way of determining if what they send you will be of the same quality as the watches that we sell.

In many cases, you may pay slightly less for a watch that you feel is of comparable quality, however what you receive may be MUCH lower quality, and the movement may be MUCH different than what you thought you ordered.  For this reason, we will not price-match any other sites.  We wish you the best of luck in your search for a watch that falls within your price range and meets all of your needs.